IVY’s Story

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Ivy’s Story:
A German Shepherd rescued and treated by the RSPCA Leicestershire Branch

On 16th Dec 2007, Ivy the German Shepherd was found tied to a lamp post on a main road in Leicester. She was in a very poor state and had barely any fur. Her skin was very inflamed and itchy; it was obvious that she had been suffering for many months.

Ivy was rushed straight to a vet for examination. Her skin condition was a mystery as she didn’t have fleas, and all the tests for sarcoptic mange proved negative. She certainly had some kind of deep rooted infection and fears were that she may never recover from this horrendous skin complaint. The months of suffering had made Ivy very depressed, her condition had worn her down.

Ivy had been prescribed a course of antibiotics by the vet and required regular baths in a soothing shampoo to try to alleviate the itching. In conjunction with this treatment we also gave her POOCH & MUTT’SBIONIC BIOTIC” (a supplement to help aid the recovery of both skin and coat). Ivy had a spoonful of the supplement sprinkled on her on her food of each day. She never refused this supplement and it was always readily eaten without any problems.

We had been warned by the vet that her fur may never grow back as the hair follicles may be too damaged. However much to everyone’s amazement I am delighted to say that Ivy’s fur has grown back on 98% of her body. Her skin has now shown incredible improvement and although she still has slight signs of the infection on her tummy we are ever hopefully that the continued use of “BIONIC BIOTIC” will eventually get this under control.

As you can see by the photos Ivy is a lot happier in herself and is almost ready for us to re-home her.

Lisa Smith. RSPCA Leicestershire