What is your dog’s carbon paw print?

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Ever thought about how as a pet owner you and your dog can do more to help the environment?

Pooch & Mutt are running a short poll to find out how environmentally friendly the nation’s pets are. To take part simply answer the questions on the left of this blog – if you are reading through a reader click here

This is not all about the negative impact that a dog can have, like when a it’s poop is disposed of in a non-biodegradable bag, but also about the benefits. How many times have you taken your dog on a long walk to the shops, when you might have driven instead? And have you ever thought about the food and products you are buying?

The poll will highlight some areas where we will all be able to make our canine more conscientious. In the mean time here are some tips to help you and fido begin reducing your carbon paw print.

1. Biodegradable poop bags – Buy some, they are much more environmentally friendly and will take less time to decompose meaning less waste in the environment and the death of plastic bags. You can find them on Pet Planet

2. Wonderful walkies – Even if it starts to rain outside get out of the car and onto the pavement to reduce those toxic fumes leaking into the atmosphere. You can find a good suggestions for dogs at www.greatdogwalks.co.uk

3. Buy your dog sustainable accessorieshemp collars with matching leashes look great, you can even buy pet beds made with organic cotton

4. Look for products packed in biodegradable packaging, like Pooch & Mutt.

5. Finally, spend more time with your pet – investing more time in playing with your pet means you will spend less time doing other, resource consuming things like using your mobile phone, driving a car or watching TV