Putting the walkies into work

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This Friday is take your dog to work day in the US and I can’t help thinking as I write this blog what the world would be like if we all took our dogs to work. Would we all be distracted and waste precious working time chasing tails around the office whilst trying to impress the boss? Or, looking on the brighter side, would work, that daily prison cell, finally become a happier place in the presence of a furry friend, not to mention those bonus breaks we would get in the form of ‘walkies’.

The whole idea reminds me of the day before a school holiday when we would be allowed to take our toys into the classroom for the day. Something we always associated with ‘home time’ finally became part of ‘school time’. In a similar way I felt that leap of joy when I took my dachshund puppy into work a year or so ago. I always remember that his shear presence made everyone, even the most depressed of colleagues, smile. I am a firm believer that pets are therapeutic creatures and have the power to soothe and calm us. How nice would it be to be able to get a quick furry cuddle when we are having a ruff day.

Our pets play a huge part in our lives outside work and to be able to take that part of us into a place we spend a third of it is a real treat. What could be more exciting than showing your prized pooch off to your envious and petless desk buddies. Who knows, your dog may even allow you to break the ice with certain people you may never have spoken to otherwise and if the boss is a fan of those four paws then your onto a winner!

Whilst most of us rely on pet sitters or friends to take care of our dogs when we are absent the idea of fido running around the office for the day is as exciting as it is unnerving for any dog owner. It also depends on how well trained your dog is and how it copes with unfamiliar environments and meeting new people. If you, like me, have a particularly active canine try taking him on a long walk in the morning to get his energy levels down for the rest of the day. If your dog is shy and enjoys regular naps during the day make sure you create a small space for him and fill it with favourite pet toys to give him a quiet and cosy retreat. If you want to take your dog to work make sure that you well in advance and if you are particularly worried about how it will effect your dog think about feeding him a daily probiotic. This will help balance his digestive system and prepare him for the travelling and changes to his daily routine, which can often upset a dog.

For those of you itching to give it a go The Blue Cross have an annual fundraising day in the UK on 17th September where you can take your pooch to work and raise money for the charity.

Not sure how Milo would fair in an interview when his CV interests would include activities such as chasing squirrels, barking at neighbours and digging holes. Not a hugely sociable pooch but hey its just for the day and there are no squirrels or neighbours in the office!

(Lisa Ronchetti reporting from Hound Headquarters at Pooch & Mutt)