‘We’re all going on a summer howliday’

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If, like the mayor of London, you intend to flee the UK to catch a few rays this summer and you aren’t fortunate enough to depend on someone close to look after your prize pooch, what do you do?

There are several boarding options available for dog owners, but remember that selecting the right place for your four legged friend is paramount to his wellbeing. It will not only mean returning home to a happier pet but will also help prevent any nasty behaviour creeping up later on in life.

It’s also important to bear in mind that like us humans, dogs can experience depression and separation anxiety when their owners leave them behind. This is particularly true for dogs that become attached to their owners. Dogs that thrive on being in packs, like dachshunds, tend to whine for company if left alone.

Amongst other physical problems moving a dog to a different home is often the cause of dog diarrhoea.

So if fido doesn’t have a pet passport then there are a number of responsible boarding options which will give you peace of mind whilst you sip your cocktails in the sun.

Here is a quick guide with a few places you can leave your dog if he can’t travel with you this summer.

Home sweet home

The ideal scenario for any pet owner is to leave your dog at home and hire a reliable pet sitter. Although this may be the priciest option it is the most comfortable as your dog won’t need to adapt to any strange surroundings or new companions.

There are several ways to find a professional pet sitter, the best option is to ask a friend to recommend one otherwise you can search on the Internet (always check that the person is registered and insured to take care of your dog in their or your home). If in doubt use a bespoke pet sitting agency such as Animal Aunts.

Kitsch Kennels

If you feel that your dog’s requirements are less needy then you can opt for traditional kennel boarding. If you are new to leaving your dog in a kennel then go and check out the property before you book it and ask if you can trial it by leaving your dog overnight to see how he adapts.

These days most kennels have some excellent facilities including webcams which allow you to see how your dog is getting on whilst you are away!

There are plenty of quality boarding kennels which will board your dog at a reasonable fee whilst still providing all the care needed.

Training trips

If you have a young dog or you want to improve your dog’s behaviour whilst you are away then look into selecting a kennel which provides on site training. This is wonderful for anyone how feels particularly worried about their pet’s behaviour in their absence.

The Royvon Dog Training School, for example, is perfect if you think your mutt could do with whipping those paws into shape whilst you are away. They offer on site behaviourists and trainers to guide your dog on a daily basis and even give you a recommended activity schedule according to breed and ability standards.

Pampered pets

However, if you want to spoil your pooch with a pampered retreat you can select one of the UK’s deluxe dog hotels. You may have to travel that extra mile however if you are keen to avoid boarding kennels altogether it pays to invest a little more time in finding that perfect canine holiday package.

A fabulous option is The Paw Seasons, a family run retreat which caters specifically for dogs and welcomes them into the home as their own pets. The Canine Country Club is another great option. The hotel offers 15 doggy suites equipped with single beds, furniture and under floor heating they even go as far as hanging pictures and ticking clocks in their suites to make your mutt feel right at home.

Don’t forget that your best friend deserves to be treated with the best care wherever you go this summer! Wherever you decide to leave your pooch this summer consider all your options carefully before you make your final decision.

However if you don’t want to leave your dog behind this summer you can opt to holiday in the UK and take your pooch with you. There are a number of dog friendly holiday options scattered around the UK and Ireland. Milo and I will be looking at some options for you next week.