How can your dog supplement your income?

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Ever thought how you could be making money from your dog to help get you through the credit crunch?

You may not realise it but your dog could be the answer to your money problems and may be able to pocket you some extra pounds – take Milo for example…

Last year I decided to register him with a pet modelling website. A few months later he was called to do a photo shoot for a major UK bank!

Don’t get me wrong I am not a pushy showbiz mum but I was incredibly proud of him and we earned enough to buy Milo a couture dog collar and help me pay off some of my credit card bill.

But if you are not into all that lights, camera and barking, there are other ways besides dog modelling and breeding to make a fast buck with your mutt.

Snappy happy
If you have some funny or quirky snaps of your dog saved on your pc make sure you click onto The
Dog Guide online. They have a new dog picture gallery where readers can submit favourite picks of their pooch in exchange for cash! You could be getting $5 for each picture used on their website.

Take the lead
A cunning way to make money from man’s best friend is to offer your services as a dog walker. If you take your dog for a walk before and after work, why not charge to take neighbours’ dogs, too? You could be pocketing around £10 per hour per dog and you can increase your rates at weekends and bank holidays. Start by either posting an ad in your local newsagents, onto an online notice board such as, or dog walking agencies looking to sign up new walkers like

Become a muttmate
Why not become a sales person for a pet brand?
Pooch and Mutt has a programme called MuttMates, where anyone can buy their probiotic supplements and joint supplements by the box at trade price and sell on the individual bags to people at shows, clubs or friends from the park. You make a 50% profit and save your friends the postage. MuttMates also sell into vets and independent pets stores for a 10% commission. For more info email

Has your dog got the pets factor?
Television, film and advertising agencies are always looking for “star pets” to appear in their productions and are willing to pay up to £200 a day to pets who have the natural ability to perform, take stage directions, and look adorable. If you think your dog is fit for pet stardom then register him/her to a pet modelling site like or

DIY dogs
If you just fancy saving some money for yourself then why not try making your own dog toys. The offers a step to step guide to make a tug toy using fabric. You can even browse some nose licking dog recipes over the internet and create some tasteful home baked treats for your pooch instead of buying them from the shops. If you get really good you can start sellng them at your next village fete or on ebay.