NEW Concentrate Packs

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The best dog supplements just got better cheaper

After a year’s long, hard work and research Pooch & Mutt are now proud to announce the launch of out NEW concentrated products.

The new concentrates use the same active ingredients as the existing, successful products. By changing from pellets to powder/ granules we have been able to take out some of the inactive ingredients, making the products more concentrated and smaller.

Being smaller gives many advantages:

  • They costs less to make, store and transport – These savings are passed on the the customer
  • They take up less shelf space – so more stores will stock them
  • They cost less to post out and fit through a standard letter box – so customers save money
  • They involve less transportation – which reduces environmental impact

The concentrates will help dogs in the same way as the existing products, with the same benefits from the same active ingredients. We will keep selling the original versions of the products as that is what a lot of dog owners and dogs are used to.

We hope that the lower cost and ease of use will mean that even more dogs get to benefit from the Pooch & Mutt products.

There are environmental benefits of moving away from the biodegradable packaging and towards recyclable plastic. The reasons for this is that it has emerged that the PLA plastic in the biodegrabdable packaging (although biodegradable) did involve quite a lot of emissions to produce, and the use of land which could be used for food production. The new recyclable packaging also needs less outer packaging (just an envelope) to go through the post and fits through a letter box, so we do not have to use couriers, which saves hugely on transport emissions.

The picture below show what the product looks like and gives a good idea of the size of the bags (18cm x 12cm x 4.5cm).


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