German shepherds: Weight

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Weight, Condition & Loose Motions

Dear Pooch and Mutt,
I just wanted to let you know how thoroughly impressed I am with the Bionic Biotic, I first started using it in January 08, on a little bitch that always looked well, but need a touch more weight to complete the picture, she also occasionally suffered from loose motions.

Her motions were firm within 5 days and she had put on noticeable weight in 3 weeks, by March 08 at our breed club championship show she took the reserve CC ticket.

My puppy bitch who was also on Bionic Biotic took Best puppy in show at just 6 months old.
I now have all 7 of my German shepherds (alsatians) on Bionic Biotic and I’ve never had them all looking so good, They’ve all got excellent body and coat, even my sable dogs which are notoriously bad at keeping a good coat.
Bionic Biotic is most definitely the best supplement I’ve ever used.

Kashaella German Shepherds (Alsatians)

Testimonial 2:

“Just a quick e-mail to let you know that Lorrianford Xtra smart for Kashaella won best bitch at East of England Championship show, she has also won Best of Breed at nearly every open show she’s been to since being on the Bionic Biotic.
I also took on a 3 year old shepherd 2 weeks ago that was under weight, out of coat and very nervous, My Mum found some Bionic Biotic in the back of her “doggie” cupboard so we put her on it immediately.

The results have astounded me, she has put on weight already, and her coat is gleaming, although she is not in full coat yet what she does have is very shiny.

Shepherds are prone to getting the runs when they are stressed and nervous but she never suffered at all and her nervousness is almost gone.
I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful product.”
Kind regards
Kaye Jarram