Greyhound: Stools

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Patch: Runny Stools

I felt i should contact you with regards Bionic Biotic in utter utter amazement !!!

I purchased it predominantly for my elderly greyhound who has had loose stools since I don’t know when, despite giving him countless amounts of different tablets and potions that are designed to stop the lose stools nothing worked and it was like walking a cow on a daily basis(and I’m not on about the grass eating)besides that he is healthy, I’m not expecting any weight gain from him as elderly greys tend to stay “boney”, it was the stool issue that i wanted sorted, and… this is no word of a lie, i got the parcel tues and by thurs and continuing his stools are fabulous. I only wish I’d ordered more bags but was VERY wary to do so as I didn’ t hold out hope of it working, but i was wrong so I fully intend to order again from you next week that’s for sure , I have 4 dogs but patch was the only one with the loose stools SO THANK YOU!!!!!!!! KELLY, HERTS