Labrador: Lactation

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Inca: Lactation

“Our 4 year old black labrador, Inca, had a litter of 8 georgeous puppies in June. All seemed well until one died 3 days later. The vet told us that Inca was not producing enough milk for the litter and that they were all dehydrated and we had to “expect more fatalities”. Hand-rearing tiny puppies is a a huge task and not always successful. Various vets and experts were full of doom about Inca ever having sufficient milk and said that if a bitch isn’t producing milk then it is unlikely that it will suddenly start flowing. For the next 2 weeks we began an exhausting schedule of feeding the puppies by hand every 2 hours. I then read about Bionic Biotic and thought it was worth a try, although I didn’t get my hopes up. To my total amazement after about 4 days Inca’s milk was flooding in and she had masses of milk. It seemed like a miracle and we were very extremely grateful, as getting up through the night had been totally draining. All seven puppies flourished and they all very quickly found new homes. I would definitely recommend Bionic Biotic (and have done) to anyone in a similar situation and I am continuing to use it.”

Best wishes.
Nicola Jerram