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Jervis: Itchy skin, Sensitive skin & recovery after antibiotics

Tried & Tested from Pet Trade World

Test Subject: Jervis, 12 year old Cocker spaniel
Duration of test: 3 weeks
Product claims: Bionic Biotic is a natural probiotic supplement for dogs to help with weight, digestion and soft stools, skin and coat conditions and to help your dog be in optimum condition.
Background: Jervis had completed a course of antibiotics for an ear infection about a week prior to starting on Bionic Biotic and seemed to be, generally, a little under the weather. He has skin redness intermittently, for a number of years with a sensitive/itchy skin, which had also been worsened slightly by the antibiotics.
Process: Jervis’ owner, Aaron, fed him the Bionic Biotic over a three week period, sprinkled on his normal food as directed. The first thing he noticed was that Jervis was certainly seeming happier and more alert and regained his appetite completely.
Into the second week we were being regaled daily on Jervis’ progress; he was brighter, more alert, ‘asking’ for hid food and in Aaron’s words “behaving like a puppy”!
Now after three weeks we are pleased to report that Jarvis is better in himself than he has been for years. He is still enjoying his food (although Aaron has just run our of Bionic Biotic and is in the process of ordering some more), is showing no signs of sensitivity or itchiness and his general mobility is now good as well.
Aaron is in no doubt that the Bionic Biotic is responsible for Jarvis’ fantastic condition but also pointed out “Jarvis is still deaf though” – it would seem that Bionic Biotic is good – very good – but there’s some things even that can’t sort out!

“Please note.  Due to veterinary legislation, we are permitted from making any claims about our
products or allowing our customers to do so.  We have therefore had to altered certain words from some of the following comments.  Any alterations
by ourselves are in italics.”
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