Spaniel: Digestion

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Sable: Sensitive Stomach

My Cocker spaniel Sable has always suffered from a delicate stomach.

We have tried many times to get her onto a normal dry food to no avail. Any attempt ended with very soft runny stools. As a result she has been fed on a very expensive hypoallergenic dry food.

After a conversation with Guy Blaskey at the Game fair I decided to try Bionic Biotic and to gradually try to get her onto the same food as my other cocker.

Much to my surprise we have achieved the change with success, and she is now on a normal diet with a couple of tea spoons of Bionic Biotic mixed in.

I can whole heartedly recommend this product if your dog has a similar complaint.

You can also read Alan Dent’s comments on the National Organisation of Beaters and Pickers website

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