Yorkshire Terrier: Stomach Upset

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Daisy: Regular Stomach Upsets

“I was lucky enough to win a 500g bad of Bionic Biotic in December, and thought I’d write and tell you how it has changed my miniature Yorkshire Terrier’s life. When we homed her she had lots of problems, which we have overcome but regularly, once a week or so she would have a day when she wouldn’t eat, she would feel bad and just be generally lethargic and not herself.

We discovered that her digestive discomfort was caused by her stressful past, she only weighs 3lb so I put her on 1/4 teaspoonful of Bionic Biotic on her food twice a day, which she eats before the food and since then she hasn’t had an attack and that two months ago.” Mrs Marsh, Dorset

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