Cavalier: Stomach

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Henry: Cavalier King Charles with loose stools

& Benjy: Yorkshire Terrier with loose stools

Henry is an 11 and a half year old Cavalier King Charles.

Since he was a puppy he always had a very delicate stomach and loose movements, so much so, that it was difficult to take him for walks as you couldn’t clean up after him!

He had many tests and eventually was prescribed protexin soluble which I have used on his food ever since. Although his stomach improved it still wasn’t perfect and our dog sitter suggested Bionic Biotic for him.

We also have a one year old Yorkie (Benjy) and she thought he would benefit from it too as he also had loose stools. Both of them have been on it for a couple of months now and their stomachs are fine now. Henry no longer has protexin.

I am also giving Henry Mobile Bones as he was starting to get a bit shaky on his back legs and struggling a bit to get up. Mobile Bones has been great for this – despite him lying down in the photo – his legs are much better.

Thank you!”

Jo Hodgson