Collie: Rescue

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Tweed: Rescue Border Collie

“Hello, I am Tweed, a nearly 3 years old Border Collie.
When I was rescued from a coal shed 3 months ago my new owners did not realise I had any white bits!
I was in a bit of a state, to say the least, but I have scrubbed up quite well and my coat, which was very dry, is now shiny and silky with a bit of a wave coming in down my back.
I get a lot of compliments, which I love.
I am fed Bionic Biotic, apparently, and this seems to be doing the trick.
All I know is, it tastes nice, I eat it all up with the rest of my food, and my new shiny coat is no longer so itchy.
Also- a delicate matter- er indoors seems to think my “you know what” is firmer, making it easier to pick up. So, I seem to be doing well as a Bionic dog.”
Love from Tweed
c/o Margaret Addie, Kelso