Dogue: Appetite

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Dogue de Bordeaux, Mason: Appetite

“I would like to say thank you to Pooch & Mutt.

Bionic Biotic has increased Mason’s appetite and helped him to better utilise the high quality food that I give him.

I can now concentrate on building his fitness level and toning his physique impressively and appropriately for his age.

Thank you.”

Diana & Simon Douglas, Brecqhou Dogue de Bordeaux

Note from Pooch & Mutt:

Improving a dog’s appetite is not simply matter of changing the food to something that your dog might like more, or even adding something tasty to their existing food.

Bionic Biotic increases dogs appetite, as the canine-specific probiotic promotes the correct levels of friendly bacteria in the dog’s gut and the proper functioning of the dog’s digestive system. This means that the dog will correctly digest their food. One of the most common causes of a lack of appetite (in both dogs and humans) in that the digestive system is not working properly, which makes eating uncomfortable. When Bionic Biotic gets the digestive system is working properly the dog no longer in discomfort when eating, so will the dog’s appetite will improve.

Bionic Biotic contains garlic, which is a known appetite stimulant for dogs (NB. garlic salt is harmful to dogs, but garlic is not).