German shepherd: Incontinence

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Jade: Incontinence & Runny, Bloody Stools

“My black GSD bitch Jade has now completed one bag of your Bionic Biotic and we’ve definitely seen some good results.
She’s now 13 years old and has been suffering from runny, bloody stools. She has also been on a product from the vet for slight incontinence.
Since being on the Bionic Biotic I have stopped giving her the medication for both conditions as the seems to be coping really without them – her stools are solid and she’s been showing no sign of incontinence.”
Tina Cottis

Update 29/1/10:

” I have moved over from the pellets to the concentrate and have found that my two dogs love it.  I sprinkle it over their food and they woof down every meal.  My older German Shepherd, Jade, who’ll be 14 in March recently underwent an operation.  Although a difficult decision to make, the vet considered she was in a strong condition to cope with the op, and I have to say she recovered in no time at all and I’m sure the Bionic Biotic had a part to play in that.  Definitely improved her quality of life.”

Tina Cottis

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