GSD: ‘Shepherd Belly’

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German Shepherd: Digestive Discomfort

“Jamie has had bouts of  digestive discomfort since we rescued her at about 9 months.

Her periods on being bad and having runny stools used to last 3-4 days on each incident and would happen about every other week, even when on other supplements.

Since very slowly introducing Bionic Biotic we have seen these incidents reduce to once every other month, and they now only seem to last about 6 hours.

Jamie is now 6 years & 9 months.

The rosettes in the photo were for Best Unplaced GSD in both Pre-Beginners and Beginnners and the trophy is the Remus Trophy which when won you hold for a year and is for the Best GSD (placed or unplaced) in Pre-Beginners. They were won at the Billingshurst Open Obedience Show on 8th August this year.”

Lin Bagley