Jack Russels: IBS & Scratching

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Percy & Widget:

Jack Russel x – scratching

Parson Jack Russel – digestion

“I Just wanted to say that following the sample of Bionic Biotic both our dogs are doing brilliantly, so we invested in a large bag.

Attached is a photo of both Widget (left) and Percy (right).

Widget is a 10 year old Jack Russell X. She has had a lot of problems with obsessive, compulsive disorder one of which is to scratch a lot if she gets at all stressed. We have tried her on all sorts of therapies from the Vet including steroids to stop the scratching. In hot weather she is normally worse. She scratches to the point that she will make herself bleed. Since we’ve had her on the Bionic Biotic, the scratching seems to have calmed down a lot and we are not being kept awake at night by a constant thud, thud, thud as she scratches her way into oblivion! I can’t say that its calmed any of her other peculiar habits but at least the scratching is at a minimum and we are now getting a good night’s sleep. She has been on your Bionic Biotic during the current heat-wave and normally she would be scratching like mad but she has been fine apart from the odd minor outbreak of normally doggie scratching.

Percy is a 4 year-old Parson Jack Russell. Percy’s main aim in life is to eat as much food as he possibly can, as quickly as he can as often as he can and then some. Unfortunately not all foodstuffs suit Percy. It has been a bit of a battle over the last four years to try and find something that stops Percy from having irritable bowels (incl daily outbreaks of runny stools) and very bad flatulence (called DFF’s – dog food **rts in our house). Percy has been known to clear a room when he’s had an attack of “wind”. We tried him on the Bionic Biotic and within 3-4 days, it was the first time in his life that his bowels weren’t irritable. Also his “wind” problem has gone away much to the pleasure of a lot of our visitors. As soon as he was no longer taking the Bionic Biotic (whilst we were awaiting the arrival of the full sized bag) he was back to square one, but once this arrived within 3-4 days again things were better again. It hasn’t lessened his appetite though!

So 10 out of 10 for Percy and the scratching has stopped for Widget – so as you can imagine we are very pleased.

Hurrah for Pooch and Mutt!! And you can catch up with The Jack Pack’s antics on my website www.woolhunter.com

Jan Henley