Labrador: Stools

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Luka: Labrador with Runny Stools

“Bionic Biotic has been great for my Labrador.
Due to his intestines he has severe runny stools, even when on special diet, but Bionic Biotic has helped him (& me!). He now has solid stools consistently, what a relief!
The picture shows Luka, when he was 9 months old and rather thin due to his condition, will try to send an up to date, improved version!
He constantly had runny stools, even on treatment and special diet (expensive!)
Now he is on Bionic Biotic I am now introducing normal diet very slowly, but so far it is going well with the supplement. He is now a year old and thriving.
The reason he is how he is appears to be genetic and he needed a lot of blood test and needs monthly Vitamin B injections, but he is doing well now lovely glossy coat and at last firm stools!”
Carole Evans