Bionic Biotic Helps Rescue Dogs’ Skin Heal

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rescue spanish galo

I have recently applied to adopt a Spanish Galgo (Wesley) from PAWS-PATAS recue centre in Murcia, Spain. This poor old boy (estimated to be 12/13 years old) was abandonned outside the centre (tied to the bumper of a member of staff’s car) 5 weeks ago.

He was in an appalling state of neglect. The staff at PAWS have been dedicated to helping this old boy recover, giving him daily baths until he could at long last come out of solitary confinement, and start to live again!

He still has to do another 6 months at the rescue centre to get his Pet Passport, when he can travel to Scotland to live with us. Although I cannot help him with ‘hands on’ care at the moment, I would like to send him something to help his coat and general health improve as quickly as possible.

I have used Bionic Biotic on my own dogs and am very pleased with the result, so Bionic Biotic would be my first choice for this poor Galgo.


Wesley With Red Skin Shortly After He Arrived at PAWS
Wesley After Daily Baths for 3 Weeks
Wesley After Daily Baths for 3 Weeks

  3 months later…

spanish galo dogspanish galo dog
He is still at Paws-Patas in Murcia, doing his quarantine (finishes in February) – as you can see by the photos he has regained his health and is looking so well and happy!
What a difference to how he was when he was abandonned at Paws, 3 months ago!
With his glossy coat and shiny eyes it looks like the Bionic Biotic has definitely helped in his recovery!

Jenny Spence