Terrier: Runny Stools

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Tibetan Terrier, Safi: Runny Stools

“I have been giving my Tibetan Terrier, Safi, ‘Bionic Biotic’ every day, since first purchasing it from Crufts in March.
I must say what an improvement I have seen in her. She has reactions to a multitude of things, which either give her the ‘runs’ or itching and even swollen lips if something has really affected her.

I know what she can and can’t have, so keep her on a diet that is pretty much the same. I feed natural, raw meat & bones.

Even so prior to Crufts her insides weren’t that healthy to say the least. No matter what I tried her on. I thought I was back to square one, but since adding Bionic Biotic to her food she has had lovely firm motions, no itching and definitely no swollen lips.

She has also been having a more varied diet with no ill effects, and I have even been able to reduce her intake of the Bionic Biotic to just every other day now.

I have tried other brands of probiotics but nothing has worked as well as your product. In fact some have even given her the ‘runs’!

I am one happy owner!

Many thanks”

Anne Dawson