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Troy, Parson Terrier: Stools & Digestion

“Here is a picture of Troy… I’m so pleased with the results, after just 11 days of feeding Bionic Bionic his bowels have settled right down.
He no longer has foul wind, his stools are solid and no more bloating or runny stools. He has had 7 bouts of runny stools in the 3 months, since he was allowed out at 12 weeks old.
We tried charcoal biscuits, natural yoghurt, Diasanyl and a variety of different foods and nothing worked.

He is now starting to gain condition and much happier in himself!”
Claire Church

1 week later

“Just a quick note to say, 3 weeks in, Troy is still doing fantastically!!! His stools remain firm and no runny stools! He is gaining condition, full of energy and getting ready for his first show at Richmond!
Bionic Biotic has ended months of problems, shame I didn’t find it months ago.”



A lot later

“Troy has now been on Bionic Biotic for a nearly a year.

He has gone from strength to strength – can pick up anything from the park and not have an issue.

He hasn’t had runny stools since he started the supplement (after having them every other week and constant trips to the vet).

We has also gained bodyweight at a healthy 9.5kg (he is a tall Parsons Terrier)

I would recommend to anyone with a dog with a sensitive belly.

I’ll be keeping him on this supplement for life!



parons terrier

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