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Murphy: Coat, Stomach & Knees

Rescue dog has feed supplemented with Bionic Biotic & Mobile Bones

“We adopted our two year old terrier x Murphy in December from a rescue centre. In the first month of having Murphy he had a really bad coat, constantly scratched and a quite often an upset stomach.
We started him on Bionic Biotic and within 3 weeks he had improved so much.
Three months on he has a beautiful coat and no longer suffers with his stomach.
About a week ago we started Murphy on Mobile Bones as he has trouble with his knees which the vet diagnosed in January and he has started finding it difficult to run.

Within one week we have noticed a difference and are looking forward to further improvements.
Both products have cheered Murphy up and he can enjoy being in his new home at last. Many Thanks.”
Lisa Kinslow

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