Weimaraners: Digestion

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Oskar & Elise: Weimaraners with Digestive Trouble & Dandruff

“I can really recommend Pooch & Mutt’s Bionic Biotic.

Oskar is our two year old Weimaraner and Elsie is our 9 to 11 year old rescue Weimaraner.

Oskar has a troubled digestive systems caused by irresponsible vaccination and a vet recommended commercial food early on in his life. This regularly manifested itself in loose stools and several movements during the walk. Since he has had Bionic Biotic the change is amazing.

He now has only one to two movements with firm ‘pellets’. Never had that with him before…. He still has his days but that is completely outweigh to what we used to have. His coat is so much shinier, no more dandruff and all in all I think it helps him to absorb the nutrients from his food better as he put on a bit of weight (which is a good thing).

I tried a lot of different supplements and the difference was clearly noticeable with this one in a matter of two weeks.

Elsie is also on it and her coat improved amazingly. She used to shed a lot of hair and also had dandruff. Her coat now looks lush and shiny. She also had some sore spots on her elbows of which one has disappeared almost completely and the other one would if she would spot licking it…

I Highly recommend Bionic Biotic to anybody that has dog with a dodgy tummy (apart from when allergies to any ingredient exist or a special vet diet is in place).

Thank you for making this fabulous product and helping our two beautiful Weimaraners.”

Katja Martin