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Weight & Coat

“Milo is doing really well on the Bionic Biotic. He had lost a bit of weight which he has put back on and his coat is nice and shiny. We were a bit worried about him as he is quite old now and seemed a bit quiet but he is back to his bouncing self!” Georgina Roberts, Bury

Loose Stools

“Bionic Biotic worked wonders for my dobermann’s persistent loose tummy when everything else I had tried had failed to help.” Yvonne Freer

Coat & Weight

“i am just sending this to you to tell you how good i think bionic biotic is i started feeding my bitch this a couple of months ago when she had been on steriods for a while this had effected her coat and weight and energy levels but since starting to feed this i have had no recurrance of the condition and she has constantly been placed in obedience shows so thank I will be highly recommending this to the new owners of my bitches pups when i breed” Mrs T Young

Old Age

“Our 12yr old dog is like a 12mth old. What a difference this product has made!!” Michelle Butschok


“An excellent product!!” Carol Wood.

“I am very impressed with the results.” Elaine Stockdale.

“Excellent” David Gambrell

“Excellent stuff” Barbara Storey

“Wonderful product” Joan Glen

“Wonderful” Ken Lovegrove

“It’s Excellent!!” Kathleen Kennedy

“Worked Brilliantly in stopping William’s upset tummy.” Carole Irving