Bionic Biotic Gives Scottish Terrier a First Place Coat

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scottish terrier

“This dog had his top coat stripped completely off for a new coat to grow in. I used the Bionic Bionic just as a conditioner. look at the quality of the coat and the shine. Of course the dog is a very good dog anyway and he was 1st & RCACS at our Club Championships from 17 in his class. His quality of coat condition has produced remarks from all who see him.

I do use Bionic Bionic on other dogs and had two who were really bad – one had not a hair left on her back – but stupid as I am I did not take the photos!!! But the product worked again and both have good quality coats. I also used it on Luce pre-mating, through pregnancy and while nursing. Again the quality of the coat defies belief!”


Maureen Tyzack