No More Aches Just Silky Coats for Border Collies

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Sue and her Border Collies

“I would just like to say what a difference your supplements have made to my dogs. I have 4 dogs border collies ranging from 11 yrs to 9 months old.
I have them all on the Bionic Biotic and it really has made a difference to their coats. Even though there was nothing wrong with their coats it has made them a lot more silky and manageable.

I have the young one on Mobile Bones, as he is a large collie he was getting quite a lot of growing discomfort, and I have the 11 yr old on Mobile Bones due to having quite bad hips and aches and discomfort through old age. She is like a spring chicken now and the young one has no problems at all.
So thank you they will be on it for always now.”

Sue Shardlow


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