Monty had a Limp Until Mobile Bones

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“Since a small puppy Monty has had a limp in his front legs. Vets had said that he would always be like this, so we considered having him put to sleep to put him out of his ongoing misery. Monty was on a strong product from the vets after having several X-rays. At this time he was not even a year old, and still growing.

We purchased Monty so that he could be a house dog that we could take for walks, but he was turning into a dog that we no longer wanted. We saw Mobile Bones advertised, so we gave it a go.

After only a week or so on the Mobile Bones you could see a difference with Monty and he seemed a lot happier. Monty has been on Mobile Bones for 9 months now, and he is now down to just one of his strong product‘s from the vet per day.

Contrary to what we were led to believe was possible, Monty now leads a normal, active healthy life and enjoys every day as he should.”

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