Mobile Bones Helps Stiff 10 Year Old Labrador

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Pebbles and her daughters

“I was lucky enough to find your stand at Crufts & buy some Mobile Bones supplement, which I tried on my very stiff 10 year old Labrador.
She had previously struggled with her stomach & bowels on the drugs given to her by the vet. I am thrilled to say that she has now been able to resume formal exercise & is clearly a lot happier & no longer in discomfort thanks to your Mobile Bones!! I have 16 Labradors ranging in age from 5 months to 13 & I will now be trying your products on more of my dogs.

Here is a photo of the dog in question Pebbles taken last summer with 2 of her daughters. Notice she is laying down when the others are sitting up & alert. I think she would be up & looking alert now she is on Mobile Bones!


                                                                                                     Leigh Lesley