Squidge Has a New Lease of Life with Mobile Bones

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“Hi my name is Squidge, I’m a cream coloured lab, and I’m 9 years old. My owner first gave me Mobile Bones a few months ago and it’s done wonders for me. My owner has taken me to exercise with Toby, her pony, all my doggy life and this has been great. We’ve been to loads of places, my best venture is camping.

But sadly around May/June time I started to get sore in my front elbow and very stiff when I got up from my rest, I was then left behind because I couldn’t, cope with the exercise, even just a 30 minute walk around the block was leaving me in discomfort, so I was very upset.

I understood my owner’s reasons for not taking me but that was the life I loved and enjoyed, and then my owners sister found you guys and I was given Mobile Bones, yippee I’m now enjoying life with Toby and my owner. I’m not unhappy and uncomfortable and I’m not stiff after rest, it has given me a new lease off life, and I’m enjoying getting into mischief again now cause I can run away lol… thanks for reading my story”.

                                                       Squidge (with typing help from Marie Hyde)