“My little boy is back to his old bouncy, lively self”

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Sizzle (right)

“My young bouncy, energetic Sheltie Sizzle suddenly developed a delicate/sensitive stomach at 14 months old. We have been through a lot together, change of diet didn’t help him, and he was in the vet on drip for 24 to 48 hours four times over 8 weeks. I was desperate to find something that could help settle his tummy.

Friends have been helpful and gave me lots of advice and we have tried lots of options but they didn’t last. His runny stools and lack of energy is my main concern. My two friends are great supporters of Pooch & Mutt and they both highly recommended Bionic Biotic.

I am glad I took their advice. I give a small tea spoon of Bionic Biotic (concentrate) in his meal every morning; he is has been on Bionic Biotic for 4 weeks now and his toilet is solid and firm and my little boy is back to his old bouncy, lively self. We can now enjoy the agility that we both like.

I strongly recommend Bionic Biotic. You do not have to change your diet, just add a tea spoon or two as a supplement and it makes big changes in the dog.”

Lian Knight