Whippet: Foul Wind & Runny Stools

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Whippet: Foul Wind & Runny Stools

I ordered a 200gr pack Bionic Biotic last Friday. It arrived Saturday morning, and I started my little Whippet on a reduced dose Saturday tea-time. We are now up to just over a teaspoon daily, and he absolutely loves the taste of it.

Poor little Jo has suffered very frequent bouts of foul wind and runny/bloody stools since I took him in last November.

I have almost had to remortgage the house to pay all the vets bills!

I have tried just about every diet under the sun – to know avail. Less than a week on Bionic Biotic and… Wonderful firm dark stools each and every day !!!! (and fresh air !!)

I have already recommended Bionic Biotic to a friend who has ordered through you.

Hopefully will be getting a digital camera soon so will send you a photo and update of my happy little dog. (not to mention his owner who is over the moon). Huge thanks for an amazing product.”

Su & Jo Brown.