Lab x Springer: Elbow Discomfort

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Millie: Labrador x Springer with Elbow Discomfort

“My lovely chocolate lab x springer puppy, Millie, was starting to struggle whenever she rested after a big walk.

After the usual trips to the vet, along with x-rays and scans, it was confirmed she had a double elbow discomfort.

Keeping her quiet in the house was a challenge enough but on walks was heartbreaking!

We were at a game fair and saw the stall for Mobile Bones (joint supplement) – and thank goodness we stopped!

She hasn’t looked back ever since.

Within a week, she was showing us she could have a normal walk without struggling.

We gradually built her up and she now loves walking for a good hour or more, mostly off lead!

She is now 2 years old and can charge around like the hooligan she was born to be and doesn’t stiffen up after a sleep.

Thank you Pooch and Mutt!”

Kindest regards,

Sam Thornton

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