Valerie: Top English Setter Puppy in the UK

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Top English Setter Puppy in the UK

English Setter, MARIGLEN  ICE  CRYSTAL, J.W.;RCC / Valerie

Valerie winning BPIB and thus making her the Top Puppy for 2009 at LKA in December

My English Setter is Top Puppy in the UK for 2009, and all thanks to Pooch & Mutt.

The 3 pictures of Valerie during the 3 stages of her “career”.

Valerie has started 2010 well by taking the award of Best Puppy in Show at the Dukeries Gundog Club Open Show on January 3rd at Newark.

English Setters are sometimes not the best of eaters and can have “funny tummy’s”, so when I collected Valerie from her breeder at 6 months I thought I would try Bionic Biotic. As she was such a lovely puppy and had been well reared, I did not want to spoil her with digestive trouble with the stress of a change of environment and food.

Here is one judge’s comment “Mariglen Ice Crystal, really beautiful b/b English Setter bitch and so typical of the breed, did not put a foot wrong, has balance & style, so full of quality, flowed around the ring with effortless, ground covering movement.”

This really sums up Valerie. She has maintained her body proportions with a good spring of rib, width & depth of chest and her coat although passing through the puppy to adult stages now has always maintained a silky sheen and with plenty of feathering.

The beauty of the English Setter is its lovely flowing long coat and I believe that, thanks to Bionic Biotic, Valerie has kept in peak condition throughout her growing period.

She always eats up her meals, is bright eyed, very perky and her motions are firm and solid.

As she now moves out of puppy, she will be continuing with her daily rations of Bionic Biotic and hopefully will be just as successful in the 2010 Championship Shows.”

Many thanks,

Linda Lawson and of course Little Valerie !!

English setter
Valerie at 14 weeks and showing early promise
english setter
Valerie as RBPIS at the Gundog Breeds of Scotland Championship Show

In her first 4 months in the ring Valerie’s spectacular career so far includes:

  • BPIS E.S.A of Scotland Championship Show
  • BPIB & RBPIS Gundog Breeds of Scotland Championship Show
  • BPIB Darlington Ch.Sh. – Driffield Ch.Sh – L.K.A. Ch.Sh.
  • 12 Championship Show First Places
  • Puppy Stakes Winner
  • BPIS Dukeries Gundog Club Christmas Open Show
  • RBPIS Nottingham Sherwood Forrester’s Open Show
  • 4  Gundog Puppy Group 1 Winner.
  • 8  BPIB Open Shows, with 3 RBOB
  • Best Puppy in Breed Manchester Championship Show

Update 21/02/10: 2 weeks out of Puppy Valerie wins Best in Show at the Northern English Setter Open Show at Woodford.