Spaniel: Stiff Joints

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Missi: Spaniel with Stiff Joints

spaniel with stiff joints

“I just wanted to say that the Pooch & Mutt Mobile Bones has been like a miracle for Missi my 11 year old english cocker spaniel’s life.

12 months ago Missi jumped out of the bath and hurt her back, she was put on Metacam, which at the time was a blessing as she had become stiff and slow, it helped but after about 10 months taking it daily she was sick black one day then her poo’s were black, she then started having fits, she had 3 out of hour consults in one weekend, the last one she had to be admitted and put on drips as she nearly died, she was really poorly, in fact we prepared ourselves for the worst, she nearly died in my arms.

After an endoscope procedure she was diagnosed with ulcers caused by the metacam, after several days treatment she recovered well and is on ulcer medication, but I was still worried about her joints with stopping the metacam, then I found Mobile Bones and I thought I would give it a try, this was a few months back, she is still on it now and we will never stop, it has been a godsend, she is quicker then ever on her feet, more mobile and I would recommend it highly.

Mobile Bones has given Missi a new lease of life, she is also blind, but like a puppy and I treasure each day I have with her, and its down to the Mobile Bones.

You might have seen Missi on tv. She has featured with her doggie sisters on  BBC 2 Pets are People and  channel 4 Hardeep does Pets and also been in Woman, News of the World and the Daily Mirror

Below is Missi and a picture of her sisters.

Thanks for your interest.”

Lindsay Burgess

spaniel with stiff joints

Update 20/10/10:

I just  wanted  to   update  you  on missi…remebmer  her the  spaniel  with  stiff  jointd…  she   waas unable to  metacalm  as it  gaver  her  ulcers…  hi  there….  well  a  few  weeks  back i   ran out of the mobile  bones.. and  it  was  a few  days  before  i could  get  any  mmore…so i  used  a  different  product…  basically it  was   a  free  sample  i  got  a  crufts  n  m arch   it   was  the joint  aid…  well   my  moblie  bones  come and i  thought  well i had  this  opened  sample  pack of joint  aid… so i  might  as well use  it …so  basiclly  she  was  roughly  three  weeks off  mobile  bones… well one  day  last  week i  was  talking  missi out  and she  was so  so  slow… and looked  to  me  as if she was  struggling  fact it worried me i checked her pads to  see if she had hurt her  foot… the n it  clicked  to me what it  was …  it  was that she hadnt  been on the mobile  bones…well  i put her  back on it   and  within  a  week  she is  bouncing  around  again…  guy  i  cant  believe it.  well i  can…  she i back on the moblie  bones  a  nd its  like  another  miracle   has  happened… she is   full of   bounce…just  wante  you  to  know…