Holly: Delicate digestion and wind

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Holly: Old dog with delicate digestion and wind

dog with delicate digestion and wind

“Holly is a 13 years old rescue dog. We’re her third home and have had her for 14 months now.

In those months she has turned from a confused, insecure dog into a lovely relaxed and happy old lady.

She does have a delicate tummy, which affect her stools but since my mum gave me a sample of Bionic Biotic to try her on her stools have been solid and as they should be.

Her delicate tummy was the reason she was given up for a second time. As an older dog she was finding it harder to hold on all day – her previous owners said she could be left for up to nine hours!! And the more accidents she was having the more fed up they became of her.

When we took her on she got ever so upset when she passed wind and shook if she ever had an accident – not that we ever drew attention to either.

Now she is on the Bionic Biotic her flatulence has reduced and she hasn’t had an accident.
She’s just such a lovely, loving, wonderful old lady who should never have had to have gone through the trauma of being given up just because she had a delicate tummy – especially when there is such a great product like Bionic Biotic.”

Kind regards

Eleanor Lewis