Collie: Runny Stools/ Med reaction

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Alfie: Collie with Runny Stools/ Med reaction

alfie - collie

“I got the last of my dogs from rescue. On the day he received his second booster I was unfortunate to see what a terrible reaction a dog can have to such vaccines.

Alfie arrived at home and after 24hours developed runny stools which 3 vet visits and 5 sets of meds could only just clear up.

One of the products that the vet suggested contained a probiotic, when I saw Bionic Biotic in store I decided to give it a go instead.  Alfie has never been off it since.

He rarely gets an upset tummy now and can be trained with treats as I no longer have to watch every single thing he eats and he has gained all of the weight he lost.  Which for a hyperactive collie is a bit of a feat!

Now whenever one of my dogs gets a bit off colour they get the Bionic Biotic as an extra boost.

I do not keep all of my dogs on fulltime, but my eldest is also on it, as she has always had a food intolerance and started to get a weak bladder, some how the probiotic has helped both problems and I have even got my friends old German Shepherd and a rescue centre onto it so it can’t be bad!


Nicole Fisher