Pepsi: Overweight retriever

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Pepsi: Overweight retriever with runny stools

golden retriever weight loss

Pepsi was very overweight (45 kilos). She has shed 3.5 kilos and she has had sickness & runny stools.

Pepsi is an 11 year Golden Retriever who is very lazy and aches when she gets up. I have had 2 packets of Bionic Biotic and what a difference it has made to her! I wouldn’t want to be without any for her.

I really think it is also the Bionic Biotic has helped her loose the weight – it’s a fantastic invention, she’s livelier, no longer has runny stools (her poo is easier to pick up!) and her coat is healthy so thank you so very much.

Kindest regards,

Anna Styles

Note from Pooch & Mutt: Bionic Biotic can help weight loss in 2 ways. 1) It will help your dog to properly digest their food. 2) It provides a high concentration of vitamins, minerals and nutrients in a very small amount – meaning that you can reduce your dog’s feed and still provide them with the goodness that they need. Bionic Biotic will only help your dog loose weight in conjunction with a proper diet and/or proper exercise.

Overweight golden retriever
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