Two 13yr Old Dogs

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Ben & Bob: Old dogs, stiff joints

old dogs with stiff joints

Ben (pictured with the blossom) and Bob (the camera shy one) are both 13 years old and their mobility has been affected by age.

Ben can only go on gentle strolls, and will certainly never be jumping walls again, but is most definitely having a much easier life after taking your Mobile Bones supplement, I am just sorry I didn’t know about it earlier,

Bob can still enjoy his walks, he is not nearly as stiff as Ben, but definitely benefits from the Mobile Bones .

Hopefully I will have them both for a good while longer, as I have had them both since they were 6 weeks old and life without them is hard to imagine.

Kind regards and thanks

Margaret Cherry

PS. I truly hope that other people will buy your products, making life a lot easier for their pets.