Grace: Mobility & Digestion

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Grace: A GSD that has Bionic Biotic & Mobile Bones

german shepherd - pancreas & mobility

I am glad to say that Mobile Bones has been a great aid to Grace’s mobility – we are nearly at the end of our second pack now and will be re-ordering this and the Bionic Biotic, which has benefitted her a great deal.

We can now take her for her evening walk without fear of not been able to properly clear up!

She does not get bloated, or get wind, as much any more and hopefully over time this will get even better.

The photo shows Grace enjoying the recent snow – something we would not normally be able to do as the cold could aggravate her motility problem.

Many thanks

Pat Batham

Note from Pooch & Mutt: This testimonial has been edited to remove any medicinal claims, however we feel it is important to point out that some of Grace’s symptoms were due to pancreatic problems