Boxer with bad wind

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Yogi: A Boxer with bad wind

Boxer bad wind

Boxers are known for their ‘windiness’ and sensitive stomachs but cuddling up with Yogi on the sofa in the evening  was actually getting to be quite uncomfortable for everyone.

The noise would warn us of what was wafting our way and our cry of “incoming!” warned our guests & family what they were about to experience!

More worryingly though Yogi’s soft stools, which had always been on the runny side (to varying degrees) since we adopted him, got much worse over the Christmas period to the point where were we thought a visit to the vets was going to have to be the next step.

Already being big fans of Mobile Bones we decided to first try Yogi on Bionic Biotic, and what a fantastic decision it’s been – his stools are much firmer, he doesn’t seem to need to go as often (it’s so much easier to pick up!) and his wind has almost gone.

We’d love him whatever his back end smelt like but it’s great to see our family & guests not moving away from him when he comes up on the sofa for a cuddle!

Thank you Bionic Biotic!!

Kind regards

Vicky Orchard