Rescue Collie

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Rescue collie with very bad skin

rescue collie
Hobo before

“Hobo was brought into The Mayhew Animal Home in early December 2009. His front legs were tightly bound with parcel tape and the smell emanating from his legs was quite horrendous.

He was immediately anesthetized and had the crude dressings removed. Underneath were discovered rotting cloths and tea towels.

He was in a huge amount of discomfort and his legs were, quite literally, rotting away.

Tendons and muscle were clearly visible where the massively infected skin has died away.

collie with taped up legs
Hobo before

Hobo’s legs were redressed daily for several weeks and it was some time before The Mayhew Animal Home’s veterinary team were confident that they would be able to save both his legs.

In addition to the daily dressings, antibiotics, pain relief, Hobo was given Bionic Biotic supplement and a prescription Skin Support diet.

His legs slowly started to heal and the hair began growing back.

He has since been happily rehomed to a lovely family and shares his home with their other dog, Snoops.”

Gillian Rich VN, Animal Care Manager, The Mayhew Animal Home

collie skin irritation
Gillian Rich & Hobo

Comment from Guy Blaskey, Director at Pooch & Mutt:

When I saw the photos of Hobo’s legs on the cover of one of the veterinary magazines I was shocked. A lot of rescue cases we see are very shocking, but Hobo’s was particularly bad… seeing that someone thought they could bandage a dog’s legs with parcel tape was beyond belief.

Whenever we see a rescue case where we know Bionic Biotic can really help the dog’s recovery we always send a donation of the supplement to help them get well.

I immediately got on the phone to The Mayhew Animal Home and was put in contact with Gillian Rich, who was looking after Hobo. We sent her a few packs of Bionic Biotic. Along with the rest of his treatment this has helped get Hobo back to health.

dog skin supplement
Hobo after

We are very proud to have helped The Mayhew Animal Home with the amazing work that they do and of that Bionic Biotic has played in helped.

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