Inka: Soft Stools

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DTW Dog of The Year, who had soft stools

Inka has ****************, an ******** stomach and sluggish digestion, and is prone to frequent bouts (approximately every three weeks) of mucous-like soft stools.

She was diagnosed with these medical problems when she was five years old, and as a result she is on prescription tinned diet for life.

Whilst I was a little sceptical as to whether Bionic Biotic would actually help stop the frequent bouts of soft stools, since you offered a money back guarantee, I thought it was worth a go.

Four weeks into use, I wasn’t convinced there was much change in her, but as I had bought three months supply I kept at it.  After three months use, it is clear that Bionic Biotic is undoubtedly helping.

Her stools are better formed and a more normal, darker colour, and she has not had a single attack of soft stools.

We shall definitely keep using it.

Alison Williamson

PS. The picture shows Inka with her DTW Dog of The Year Trophy. The competition is for dogs working in competitive obedience who have shown courage in the face of adversity, or simply done something exceptional, over the past year.  Inka had both her hips replaced last year – with complications after both operations.  It is unusual for a dog to need both hips replaced, and certainly, where possible, the operations are spaced at least a year apart.  After her first operation part of the replacement joint which should have been securely fixed had come loose, and after the second she had very severe muscle cramps, so she has had a really tough time.  This in addition to the fact that she has no spleen, (which she lost at 2 years old to splenic torsion), and also the fact that she bloated three times when she was five, before they identified her stomach conditions.  In fact for a long time Inka did also have a nasty on-going skin irritation, which disappeared after she was spayed, and I can only assume therefore was hormone related.

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