Pondego pup with runny poos

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Pondego pup with runny poos

It was lovely to meet you on the stand at Crufts on Friday.  Attached as
promised is a couple of photos of Wilf (Plushcourt Firecrest) & his rosette. Wilf was 2nd in the Portuguese Podengo (Warren Hound) “Special Puppy Dog” class on Friday.

Wilf is 9 months old and is the most adorable, good-natured puppy.  His only issue was that ever since we got him he had had extremely runny poos, which were causing us concern.

I had him checked by the vets, who confirmed that he was fit and healthy and but that he had a sensitive tummy.  At Christmas time I saw your ad in Horse & Hound “Solid Stools in 3 weeks” and thought it
was worth a try, so ordered some and fed it as per your instructions.

3 weeks & 3 days later Wilf had his first solid poo, and we have not looked back since.  It sounds corny to say that Bionic Biotic has changed our lives but it has because the other downside of having a runny botty and being a puppy is that house training is not easy because a boy can genuinely get caught short!

However since having solid poos – Wilf has been completely house trained!

So many thanks to all at Pooch and Mutt!


Anna & Simon Sampson & Wilf!