labrador cross with runny stools

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labrador cross collie with runny stoolsNim (short for Nimitz.  Admiral Chester Nimitz was an American Admiral in the 2nd World War and my husband was reading a book on Pearl Harbour at the time!) is a lab x springer 2 year old castrated male dog.  He has an ongoing love of other dog faeces, which results in bad runny stools.

Co-incidentally three people recommended Bionic Biotic to me all about the same time so I bought some.

I introduced the Bionic Biotic to his diet very gradually, in fact I have only been putting in about 3 pinches of powder per day. I have had excellent results so far. It has not stopped his ‘indulgences’, but at least I am not hosing down the garden each day.

The success has been so good that all the local dog walkers have been spreading the good news (it’s amazing how many dogs have loose stools) and several have either been to Pets at Home and others ordered over the web.  Only today I bumped into a walking colleague who has two rescue dogs.  One has been particularly difficult with loose stools .  He is a young nervous collie and following my recommendation she went off to Pets at Home, she thinks at the moment that he is responding.

My dog also appears calmer (who wouldn’t be if all of a sudden you do not have an upset stomach which has bothered you all of your short life). I have bought an Aboistop Masterplus pro training collar (the odourless spray version).  I have been using this whenever he shows signs of eating nasties, so this too has helped (in a gentle way) so it’s smiles all round at the moment.

I hope my many recommendations are reflected in a huge increase of sales for you and your excellent product!

Monica Cox

Testimonial 2 (3 months later)

Hi Pooch & Mutt,

I thought you would like to know how Nim is progressing.

He has been on Bionic Biotic now for four months and when he recently saw the vet for his booster vaccination she announced he had put on 3kg since he was weighed 6 months earlier!!  She is very pleased with his progress.

Because he was constantly having runny stools he was also always hungry.  I had consulted with the dog food manufacturer (Burns) and they had said do not give him more Burns but split his meals into three meals and fill him up with well cooked rice and veg.

Since he has been on Bionic Biotic the stools have improved and I have been able to cut down on these extras and whilst he still tells me he is hungry (what Labrador ever thinks he is full?) he happily exists on two meals a day and is obviously doing well to have gained that amount of weight.

Thank you once again for Bionic Biotic

Monica Cox