Itchy, sore jack russell

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itchy dogI ordered a packet of Bionic Biotic roughly 3 months ago for Paddy, a rough haired jack Russell, and it is the most amazing stuff!

Paddy is 9 years old now and has had skin redness/ soreness for years.

It seems to flare up in spring right through until the middle of autumn.

Over the years he has been back and forth to the vets for courses of steroids to calm his skin down.

It drives him mad. He bites his fur out down his sides and around his tail and had also started chewing on his front paws.

It gets so bad he makes himself bleed at times.

I noticed your ad in the back of Horse and Hound and I thought anything is worth ago!!

And it worked. 2 months down the line Paddy is looking really healthy, all his fur has grown back on his body and his feet and he just looks so healthy.

I wanted to say a huge thank you from Paddy and me.

You have saved us masses in vet bills, which I can now spend on treats for Paddy!

The most important I have a much happier dog.

I have enclosed 2 pictures the one of him sat down (below) you can see where his skin is bad and the 2nd picture (above) of the cheeky chap now fluffy and full of trouble!!

Thank you again,

Lucinda and Paddy

jack russel with itchy skin
Paddy before: You can see the patches on his back