4 year old dog with joint stiffness

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dog with stiff jointsPotter is a (almost) 4 year old collie and was diagnosed with hip discomfort in both hips with secondary joint stiffness at just 14 months old. The vet recommended Seraquin and Metacam on bad days.

He coped quite well but after long, cold or wet walks would seize up and suddenly yelp in discomfort when he tried to move. This was especially noticeable if we had been walking with other dogs, as the walk was more boisterous.

In September 2009 we rescued a 6-month old collie, mad and full of energy. We took the pair  of them to Paws in the Park and I bought some Mobile Bones from the stand there, thinking I would try it on Potter, but I was not expecting it to make a difference

When that first bag was coming to an end it suddenly occurred to me that every walk was now a long boisterous walk, and there was a lot of play at home too, yet I had not needed to administer any Metacam.

Even through the cold winter we had with the slippy, slidey, icy pavements, only once did I give him Metacam as a precautionary measure after back legs slid out from under him on a patch of ice.

Since then my young collie Belle has bowled him over twice while ‘zooming’ round the field and he has not suffered any discomfort or stiffness as a result.

I am so pleased, thank you so much x

Amanda Collins.

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