Cavalier: Runny stools

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cavalier runny stools“My cavalier, Holly, who is 3 years old has had a sensitive stomach and loose stools since she was a puppy.

I have tried so many different foods from dry to wet and both together and numerous other things in with her food to for the past 2 years holly has had to stay on the same food and god help any one who tried to give her a tid-bit or a treat.

I was like a broken down record player saying the same thing over and over, “do you have any idea what i have to clean up every day and that will just make it worse!”

Anyway i saw the advert for the Bionic Biotic and thought well I’ve tryed everything else… ¬†Holly has been on it for a few weeks now and to my utter amazement holly now has normal stools and I’m able to give her different dog food now to and still normal stools.

This has made my daily clean up less stressful!

Donna Murray.