Jack Russell: Itchy skin & runny stools

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Poppy is a 13-month old Jack Russell with a bit of something else thrown in for good measure.

Her scratching, patchy coat and hair-loss round her eyes and ears started when she was about 16 weeks old.

This was thought to be puppy demodectic mites. She also had runny stools every 3 weeks or so which the vet treated as a virus each time.

I scoured the internet for causes and solutions and came up with possible food allergy and Bionic Biotic.

I put her on a strict diet and started the Bionic Biotic just before Christmas 2009 and have had firm stools ever since (Poppy-not me!) and everyone remarks on her coat condition which you can see from the photos.

Obviously I shall continue with Bionic Biotic to keep her looking as she does and to save her the distress of keep scratching.

Many thanks

Christine Taylor

itchy jack russell
Poppy April 2010
itchy dog
Poppy April 2010
dog itchy ears
Poppy January 2010