Labrador with Runny Stools

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Hi Pooch and Mutt,

I just wanted to say thanks very much for making the job of cleaning up after my dog a more pleasant one!  Oscar was used to have very squishy poo and the Bionic Biotic has firmed him up nicely!

Oscar is a one year old lab with a rather sensitive tummy.  We tried changing his diet to one with as few ingredients as possible that he might be intolerant to.  We also tried to reduce the amount of fatty treats he was getting as things like paddy whack seemed to make his stomach worse.

He also has a nasty habit of eating other animal’s poo and any dead thing he can find when we’re out on walks so even with a controlled diet his stools were often runny and horrible!

I saw an advert for Bionic Biotic in Horse and Hound and decided to try him on the sample to see if it would help.

It did help although he was still having the odd problem ,but I figured I hadn’t given the Bionic Biotic enough of a chance so ordered a bag of the concentrate.

I introduced it very gradually to his feed and now he has solid poo 99% of the time and he’s not even on the full amount for his weight so I’m really pleased.

Since seeing the difference Bionic Biotic has made to Oscar I’ve recommended it to other friends with dogs with similar problems and they’ve also been pleased with the results so thanks very much from all of us!

Kind regards

Nicky Bark